Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Early Plan for the Board

Alright, so all of this is subject to change but right now I've made a bit of a materials list of things I might need. Most of the information I've gotten for specifications are from HIDETCHI's videos on YoutTube. Most specifically this video:

So theres a few things I pretty obviously can't do, like get Japanese wood, do the sword graduation, or age my wood for years. But nevertheless!

So the main material I need is wood. Who would've thought. So I've decided to get White Spruce because it shares most of the qualites of the natural Japanese wood. The problem is going to be size. I need to find a huge chunk of wood, more specifically 14.3x13.1x(6-7.2) inches.
That's going to be the hardest part. I've been told to check-out Houston Hardwoods so I'll probably call them tomorrow, and I might even go out there if necessary. I looked aat the website and they don't have any wood even close to that size, or White Spruce so we'll see. I guess I'll look up some alternatives to White Spruce just in case. I might even half to come up with another method like perhaps using multiple pieces of wood.

So other than the wood, and I'll ignore the other wood for the pieces, the side tables, and the legs for now, I'll need some sort of laquer, wood carving tools(for the pieces), Black Lettering Enamel (I think the brand I liked was Sign Painters), and I guess a paintbrush...I don't really know how I'm gonna put the lines on yet. I could do a mock sword graduation with a big knife.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

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